About US

We are “Building Bridges”, a team of committed, passionate and enthusiastic individuals, dedicated to promoting cross-cultural awareness, the exchange of ideas and social understanding through the art of film within the inclusive and diverse community of Bahrain. Building Bridges Film Festival  was conceived to connect people across cultures, nationalities, and religions through humanitarian efforts, music, art, food, humor, and more. Beyond building bridges, we want to tap Bahrain’s compassionate heart to develop additional charitable programs for refugees in Europe, including creating and funding another shelter for unaccompanied refugee children in Greece.

We are thrilled to announce our second Building Bridges Film Festival and are very excited to share with you a remarkable selection of movies we have lined up for this year.  Each movie portrays an important story; we hope we are providing a platform for these stories to be heard.  We hope too that you will find them as educating, inspiring, and enriching as we did.  We look forward to building new bridges together, ones that cultivate new learnings and meaningful dialogues, that inspire action and change.