Chris Shaw:

Executive Producer of Watani: My Homeland. Editorial Director of UK-based ITN Productions, which creates multi-award winning TV programmes across factual, entertainment, and current affairs for UK and international channels. His programmes regularly win awards, which include Emmy, BAFTA, RTS, Prix D’Italia, Peabody, and Columbia Dupont awards.

Sofia Kouvelaki:

Executive Director at The HOME Project. She was the Program Manager of the Bodossaki Foundation Program for Unaccompanied Minors and, among other things, in charge of projects on Social Welfare Provision to socially vulnerable groups. She has worked at the UN and at UNICEF in the economic analysis and social policy division and as an Adviser and Researcher for the public and private sectors in Greece. She holds a Master of Science in International Political Economy from the London School of Economics and a Master in International Economics from Sciences Po Paris. She completed a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and International Relations at Brown University in the USA and a Certificate from the Harvard Program on Refugee Trauma and Recovery.

Marah Zahlaqa:

A racing champion at 19 and keeps racing for the fun of it.

Maysoon Jayyusi:

The Speed Sisters team’s manager from Jerusalem. She says her love for racing-car driving came from the frustration of being stuck in the West Bank’s constant traffic jams and checkpoints. She now lives in Jordan with her husband. They race together.

Noor Daoud:

A drift racer who now competes internationally, representing Palestine.

Suhail Al Jariri:

Jordanian rally driver and racer married to Maysoon Jayyusi.

Adrien Niyonshuti:

Lost 60 of his family members in the Rwandan Genocide. Six, Zero. Sixty. Six of his brothers, his mother’s entire line of heritage. Maybe because he sought purpose behind his pain, maybe because it was the only way to stop his overpowering headaches, maybe he just had a gift, but Adrien started cycling in 2003. His family couldn’t understand his dream, but Adrien felt it inside. Three months later, Adrien’s father passed away. Tragedy seemed to follow him. In 2006, Adrien rode a mountain bike for the first time, catching Jock and winning a local race, forging the beginning of a relationship between two broken men.

Mohab Khattab:

Producer of Salam Neighbor. He is an attorney, entrepreneur, financial advisor, filmmaker, and sportsman, who advises tech startups, regional businesses, industrial companies, and the worldwide professional squash tour (Professional Squash Association).  He holds a doctorate in and a master of laws (American University – Washington College of Law, George Washington University School of Law), as well as a master of business administration (Georgetown University).

Hector Abad Faciolince:

A Colombian novelist, essayist, journalist, and editor. Abad is considered one of the most talented “post-boom” writers in Latin American literature. Abad is best known for his bestselling novels Angosta, and more recently, El Olvido que Seremos and La Oculta. Abad’s literary works often focus on the personality of the narrator and the act of narration in its pursuit of protection and power. The richness, plot, irony, permanent enticement of the reader, the intensity of his stories, as well as the seriousness of the social, historical, and human research behind his confessional narrative, stand Abad as a brilliant re-creator of contemporary Colombian society through literature.

Daniela Abad:

A Colombian-Italian film director, known for the films Carta a una sombra (2015), Masajes (2010), and Padre Nuestro (2015).

Sanjay Bhutiani:

A producer and actor, known for Kush (2013), Hotel Salvation (2016), and Cooking with Stella (2009).

Adil Hussain:

An Indian stage, television, and film actor from the state of Assam, who works in mainstream Bollywood, as well as art house cinema. He has worked in international films like The Reluctant Fundamentalist and Life of Pi (both 2012). He received the Special Jury Award at the 2017 National Film Awards. He has acted in English, Hindi, Assamese, Bengali, Tamil, Marathi, Malayalam, Norwegian, and French films. In addition, he has regularly engaged as a work-leader with young actors to share his experiences at the National School of Drama, New Delhi and at the Film and Television Institute of India, Pune.

Christine Gordon:

MBE, Student Director of RIA Bahrain. RIA caters to the needs of mainstream learners, as well as students with special educational needs. It offers a year-round educational and ‘mini’ respite service. RIA’s mission statement reads: ‘Education for All’ and promoting awareness of living in the community, with particular regard to persons with physical and/or intellectual disabilities.

Greg McDonald:

Headmaster of The Children’s Academy Bahrain, which is an independent school for children with mild to moderate learning difficulties who possess the cognitive skills to benefit from an academic programme based on the British National Curriculum. It is affiliated to the prestigious Alpha Plus Group, which runs independent schools in England.

Chris Temple:

An award-winning humanitarian and filmmaker. He created and starred in the films, Living On One Dollar and Salam Neighbor, which embed him into some of the world’s most complex issues. Both films are available globally on Netflix. He has spoken at the United Nations and TEDx, and his work has been featured in The New York Times, Variety, and on CBS This Morning. He was recognized alongside Bill Gates and Angelina Jolie as one of the Top 100 Visionary Leaders of 2015, awarded the 2016 Muslim Public Affairs Council Media Award and accepted by the U.S. State Department into the American Film Showcase.

DJ Leil:

Known to be the first female DJ in the Arabian Gulf. Started in 1999, specialized in all types of parties. Has performed in Bahrain, UAE, KSA, Qatar, Oman, Egypt, Jordon, Paris and Italy. Has played alongside top Arab Singers, Performers and Bands around the Middle East. Has been chosen as the number one DJ to play in Lost Paradise of Dilmon from 2008-2017 and Wahoo water park opening in 2010. Has performed in over 4000 events of all types (Concerts, Shows, lounges, Staff parties, weddings, graduations, Universities and schools annual parties, Ladies nights…etc)., Mob. +973-3944-7957, Facebook: DJleil, Instagram: DJleil


Banah is a Bahraini Singer/Songwriter with a distinctive musical style inspired by influences like oriental Middle Eastern music and Western Blues.  Her music is a blend of Arabic & English Soul/Jazz which captures the hearts of her audience beyond any language or borders – only pure music. Banah’s true style and take on music differentiates her from any other artist in the region. Her soulful performance and interpretation of words captures the hearts of her audience beyond any language or borders, only pure music.

Hisham Abu Alfateh:

Hisham Abu Alfateh is the Head of Marketing & Corporate Communications at National Bank of Bahrain (NBB) with a mandate to rebrand the 60 year old bank and position it as the leading financial institution regionally. He holds an MBA from University of Sunderland and B.Sc. in Accounting from University of Bahrain. Alongside his corporate life, which also includes advertising in Promoseven Group, Hisham Abu Alfateh is a well-known Public Speaker, TV Presenter, Master of Ceremony and Moderator. He has presented many shows on TV, mastered prestigious events and moderated several conferences, workshops and debate sessions in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait, UAE, Lebanon, Egypt, London and Australia.

Sameera Al Bitar:

Skills Development Executive of the Royal Life Saving Bahrain. Has a primary responsibility to implement the Water Safety Strategy with a focus on the skills related strategies, including Teaching Swimming and Developing Lifesaving People. Royal Life Saving Bahrain (RLSB) is a charitable organization launched in October 2016 with the mission to promote safe enjoyment of recreation in water, build cohesive communities, enable economic development and save lives; it is supported by Life Saving Bahrain Management WLL which has been incorporated to undertake commercial activities and secure funding for the mission of RLSB.